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EUnetHTA Response to Covid-19

In the face of an unprecedented situation, it is essential that researched, timely and reliable information be made available to inform all stakeholders, whether they be healthcare professionals or the general public, to help develop a coordinated response to the Covid-19 pandemic. With this in mind, EUnetHTA has taken the decision to prioritise Covid-19-related initiatives above other work for the remaining duration of Joint Action 3, that being until the end of May, 2021.

In terms of Covid-19 products, EUnetHTA are producing ‘Rapid Collaborative Reviews’ for diagnostic testing and ‘Rolling Collaborative Reviews’ for therapeutic treatment. These are evidence-based reports that inform policy, decision-making, and health service planning. Their primary objective is to provide decision-makers with a timely synthesis of available evidence on the comparative effectiveness and safety of health technologies (diagnostic, therapeutic, etc.) for the management of the current pandemic, with continuous updates as research evolves.

The first rapid work output, carried out between April and June, 2020, is  ‘Rapid Collaborative Review on the role of antibody tests for novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 in the management of the current pandemic’, authored by RER and co-authored by IQWiG and HTA Wales. Access the Project Plan and Final Assessment in the Diagnostics box above, or at this link:

RCR 01 – Final Assessment Report & Related Documents

The first round of rolling work outputs, ‘Rolling Collaborative Review (RCR) on Covid-19 treatments’,  is now available via the Treatments box above, or at this link:


Prioritising Covid-19-related work

What is the rationale for EUnetHTA collaboration in this area?

EUnetHTA comprises a network that spans more than 80 HTA partners across Europe, and is thus well-positioned to mobilise its resources to carry out key functions in response to the Covid-19 outbreak. The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of EU cooperation to safeguard the health of EU citizens, and the HTA community should contribute the best available scientific research, where possible, to this response.

Although specific work plans are yet to be defined, in practice this will mean:

  • Prioritising the evaluation of Covid-19 testing and treatments over other work.
  • Prioritising Covid-19-related Joint and Collaborative Assessments and Early Dialogues.
    • For Joint and Collaborative Assessments, this may mean conducting evaluations on public health measures relating to Covid-19, i.e. screening, masks, and social distancing.
    • For Early Dialogues, this may mean exploring EDs on pharmaceuticals and testing devices.
  • Conducting “rolling procedures” to monitor Covid-19 treatments in the form of ‘Rapid Collaborative Reviews’ and ‘Rolling Collaborative Reviews’. These entail monitoring the development of evidence on treatments (ongoing trials) and the continuous assessment/update of incoming data (published data from completed trials) in a living document prior to approval. Note. This format is not meant to replace the REA format at the time of approval, but to be one step ahead in order to satisfy the “acute” needs of health policy.
  • Acting as a central coordinating body for Covid-19 work in bringing together partners, experts, and relevant information. As part of this, EUnetHTA  has reached out to partners to collect Covid-19-related publications and outputs, to be stored here in a repository for ease of access.

Call for Information

EUnetHTA partner organisations are located across Europe and work to develop and implement health care policy and response at the national, regional, and European levels. As such, we are well positioned to contribute to the knowledge pool for both the current pandemic and for the institutional response to those that may occur in the future. We are, therefore, developing a repository to connect stakeholders with Covid-19 information from EUnetHTA network partners.

The Covid-19 information repository will connect stakeholders with data from EUnetHTA network partners, with information categorised under the following areas, accessible via the above category links.

  • Diagnostics – Rapid Collaborative Reviews
  • Treatments – Rolling Collaborative Reviews
  • Useful Links – Monitoring of Publications

This will be a ‘work in progress’ as we accrue data while the response to Covid-19 evolves, so please bookmark this page for quick reference as we build out the links.

For any questions, please contact the EUnetHTA Secretariat at


EUnetHTA Statements on Covid-19

For EUnetHTA’s general statements regarding the Covid-19 pandemic, please follow these links:

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