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This section is dedicated to rolling collaborative reviews, joint REA and HTA reports on potential therapies for Covid-19 requested to inform timely national policy/decision-making. We will also be listing relevant national HTA organisation reports and data links as and when they become available.

Rolling Collaborative Reviews vs. REAs 

The aim of EUnetHTA ‘Rolling Collaborative Reviews’ (RCR) is:

  • To inform health policy at the national, regional, and European levels at an early stage in the life-cycle of therapies, of which interventions are currently undergoing clinical trials.
  • To monitor permanently – in the format of a living document – potential therapies against Covid-19.
  • To support preparations for an evidence-based purchasing of regional/ national health politicians, if necessary.

To avoid redundancies and duplication, the EUnetHTA RCRs will reuse sources from international initiatives to collect information and data on Covid-19 treatments.

The scope of the RCR is of a descriptive nature. These EUnetHTA Rolling Procedures are not meant to substitute a joint REA adhering to the agreed procedures, aiming at critical appraisal of the clinical evidence submitted for approval.


EUnetHTA Rolling Collaborative Reviews


Project IDTitlePublication of Final ReviewAuthorCo-AuthorDedicated ReviewerPublication of Project Plan
PTRCR18Dexamethasone for the treatment of COVID-19
Rapid Collaborative Review
19.11.2020AIHTASNHTARER, MoH UkraineNA
PTRCR15Remdesivir for the treatment of COVID-19
Rapid Collaborative Review: PICO and Evidence gaps
RCR01-RCR15Rolling Collaborative Review (RCR)
on Covid-19 treatments
Version : 16.10.2020HTW, NIPN, KCE, AIHTA, AEMPS, AETSA, SNHTA, NIPH, VVKTDEPLazioNA01.07.2020



National HTA Organisation Links

Links will be published here that relate to relevant partner organisation outputs on Covid-19.


Austrian Institute for Health Technology Assessment (AIHTA) – Horizon scanning for Covid-19 treatments: